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WordPress currently powers 38% of the entire Internet and owns over 64% of the CMS market. The popularity of WordPress boils down to its intuitive UI, integration capabilities and scalability that makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes and profiles.
DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, leveraged its 11,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on actionable WordPress web design tips to know this 2022.
As per Marcin Grzywiński, front-end developer at You’ll, creating easy-to-use WordPress websites saves the client’s time and budget.
"Our main goal is to render fully editable WordPress websites,” said Grzywiński. “Using a visual content builder, without having to ask the IT department, is really convenient for the client.”
According to Ashwin Thapliyal, growth marketer at Exemplifi, WordPress designers must develop responsive websites with consistent designs for both desktop and mobile devices, considering that smart devices are increasing in popularity.
"Smart devices are geared to outshine desktop interfaces very quickly,” said Thapliyal. “Therefore, WordPress designers must adopt responsive designs into their framework that work across multiple breakpoints — mobile, tablets, smart TVs, and watches. To ensure your brand stays consistent and visible across all mediums, designers must always be consistent with the style guide and run iterative tests across the board. This saves a tremendous amount of troubleshooting time before launch and helps deliver a website earlier than scheduled, keeping your clients happy and coming back for more.”
Meanwhile, Web4You Founder & CEO Oleg Koval said that it’s important to start with an SEO-friendly design theme to avoid possible complications and total website redesign.
“The theme selected needs to be able to convey information smoothly while also being fluent between pages,” said Koval. “If even one page in the design strays from the site standard, it could lead to a loss of potential clientele. This is why the vetting process of theme determination is so critical […]”
Lastly, Shubhra Bhargava, chief design officer at Excal Design Inc. suggests adding custom details to make your brand recognizable online.
“Try to avoid being just another WordPress website,” said Bhargava. “Pay attention to the smaller details to customize your site such as adding a favicon. You can do this within the WordPress dashboard itself. A minute change like this gives your website a professional edge.”
To help businesses get ahead of the competition with a custom software development partner, DesignRush released the January list of the top WordPress web design companies:
1) StandOut Advertising –
2) You’ll –
3) Exemplifi –
4) Yustack –
5) Web4You –
6) Create Element –
7) Excal Design Inc. –
8) WDL.Digital –
9) Digital SEO –
10) Galora Media –
11) Alamo City Marketing Solutions –
Brands can explore the top WordPress web design companies by location, size, average hourly rate and portfolio on DesignRush.
About DesignRush: is a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies through expert reviews and agency ranking lists, awards, knowledge resources and personalized agency recommendations for vetted projects.
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