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A number of local media personalities have in the past opened up about their struggle with the bottle. While some continue to battle alcohol dependency, others have turned over a new leaf. takes a look at journalists who bounced back and managed to get their lives back on track. Arguably, they are now better than ever. 
Eddy Kimani
Former Capital FM presenter, Eddy Kimani, revealed that his struggle with alcoholism began in 2014 when he got an opportunity to work with the county government of Nakuru, adding that he had to take loans to supplement his small income. He also ventured into different businesses which failed.
In no time, Kimani was in a deep financial hole and this strained his marriage since he could not fend for them adequately. He resorted to alcohol due to depression and things took a turn for the worse. 
In 2017, he decided to quit alcohol and focus on putting his life back together. Kimani now earns a living as a Master of Ceremonies (MC), actor, and a motivational speaker.
Tom Mboya
Former Citizen TV news anchor Tom Mboya revealed that he felt people expected a lot from him when he was at the peak of his career. This mounted pressure on him, pushing him to the bottle. According to the seasoned journalist, alcohol also offered temporary relief from the struggles of being a single father.
One day,  he collapsed in his house. When he was rushed to hospital, he discovered that he had pancreatitis which turned out to be a blessing in disguise since it forced him to quit alcohol.
Mboya has been sober for more than 10 years and currently works as a news anchor at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).
Alex Mwakideu
In October 2020 Milele FM presenter Alex Mwakideu divulged that he gave up the bottle in memory of his late mother. He explained that she didn’t like the way he drank and always asked him to quit.
When she passed away in 2020, Mwakideu decided to quit drinking. He currently works as the Head of Radio at Milele FM.
Jacqueline Nyamnide
Actress Jacqueline Nyaminde, known to many as Wilbroda, revealed that she made up her mind to stop drinking in 2017 after realising that it had taken her life and ruined relationships with close friends and family. The former Papa Shirandula actress also revealed that she had to cut off friends who were encouraging her to drink.
Nyaminde currently works as a presenter at Milele FM and co-hosts the breakfast show with Alex Mwakideu.
Tina Kaggia 
Speaking in a past interview, Tina revealed that she first took alcohol in Form 5 after  being influenced by a friend. However, she did not know that that was the onset of her alcohol use and abuse.
After struggling with alcohol for many years, Tina decided to turn her life around in 2018. Currently, she works as a presenter at Nation FM.


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