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Domains with meta in them are suddenly selling for big bucks.
Picture of Mugatu from Zoolander with the words "Meta domains...they're so hot right now"
I commonly point to the word blog as an example of a word that became popular after the initial .com goldrush, citing it as proof that there are still opportunities to register valuable domains in .com as words become more popular.
The number of new and popular words going mainstream has picked up in the last few years, thanks to blockchain terms. The latest is meta. And the payoff for domains isn’t limited to just .com, either.
I pulled a list from NameBio of all domains with ‘meta’ in them that have sold for over $2,000 or more. I stripped out ones where meta was part of other words (e.g., domains with metal, metaphor). So far this year, 41 domains with meta in them have sold for $2,000 or more, compared to just 4 last year. And just 16 of the domains that sold this year were .com. Clearly, when it comes to blockchain-related topics, people are willing to go with alternative extensions such as .io.
Or even .best. .Best? Yes, sold for $10,000. sold for $149,000! sold for $8,100 just days after it was registered.
Now would be a good time to review your buy now prices if you happen to have domains that have meta in them.
Of course, a word of caution is necessary. Remember when people registered 3D domains in droves?
Still, this is just the latest example of a keyword suddenly becoming hot.
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MetaPeso says

I would not go crazy.
I’ve seen trends come and go Andrew.
-Chinese craze
-Virtual Reality
-Augmented Reality
Meta and NFTs reminds me of all of these domain crazes.
However, we still got in on the action!
Cris says

It seems that someone (person or company) is manipulating the domain market. If not, that price is impossible on an unpopular TLD.
Brendan says

We can attest to this trend, selling 4 Meta domain names for a total of 100k in about 2 weeks time. I wish I’d priced a couple higher but they sold so fast on Buy Now. Oh well, live and learn.
I’m ecstatic that these sorts of names are starting to sell. It’s been a long and expensive journey acquiring and then holding on to our unique portfolio of domain names.
Deano says

Sweet Sales, Brendan! I can only hope to get a few sales from my 27 Meta (.com) names.
Andrew says

Might have something to do with a certain Facebook announcement… metaverse.
Christopher Els says

I have for $3500 in ETH if anyone’s looking to buy
Elad says

For great ones better to have patience.
Sandy says
Anyone offers?
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