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Media personality Amina Abdi Rabar apologized after a section of Kenyans accused her of being a bully.
On Friday, January 21, during The Trend show on NTV, Amina apologized for any feathers she might have ruffled and strongly refuted claims that she was a toxic co-worker.
She noted that a discussion had been brought up on Twitter about media personalities who are not kind and her name was among those highlighted in the scandal.
Amina accused Kenyans on Twitter of unleashing emails that were not verified as a way to convince the public that she was a toxic co-worker.
“My name was dragged and pulled among some people who had a lot of receipts and proof that they were not very easy to work with. There was quite a number of things to sort of direct people into thinking they were a certain way.
“My name being dragged into it was quite unfortunate and if there is anyone out there who I have ever encountered who felt like I was mean and I didn’t give them the kind of reception they had expected, I apologize for that,” Amina stated.
The media personality stated that this was a learning moment for her and that is why she was comfortable addressing the allegations on live TV.
Amina was roped into the bullying claims after a section of social media users brought up a discussion on media personalities who are allegedly unbearable to work with.
YouTuber Miss Mandi was called out by a former colleague for making his life unbearable when he worked at a local radio station.
The colleague alleged that Mandi would make fun of him, his clothes and even the food he would bring to the office.
He further claimed that Mandi went overboard by making up hurtful nicknames behind his back. He also alleged that he was belittled for not having a certain accent.
“This woman made up such hurtful nicknames for me behind my back and laughed in my face because I couldn’t afford to order fancy food for lunch so I would cook my own food and carry,” the colleague stated.


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