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The emergence of social media had marketers worrying that bulk SMS would die soon. They were wrong. The service is as important today as it was a decade ago, and way better.
Technology advancement and the increase in smartphone uptakes across the globe have only made it better. And with an immense amount of traffic coming from these devices, bulk SMS is one of the most effective tools for businesses to communicate to customers in a personalized manner.
If you are looking to expand your business and increase or get better engagement from your customers, you can greatly benefit from SMS marketing. You can even connect with customers that aren’t on your contacts list, all you need is a reliable bulk SMS provider and an active internet connection.
Being one of the best bulk SMS Company in Kenya, Celcom Africa always strives to offer you the best. It opens up a world of limitless opportunities where you can maximize the advantages of two-way communication including honing your B2C relations and increasing the awareness of your business.
Here are some of the biggest advantages that you can get from using Bulk SMS provider by Celcom Africa:
Your marketing or promotional messages must be delivered at the right time. Here comes a bulk SMS provider that allows you to connect with your customers and potentials in real-time wherever they are. You can reach across different demographic and geographic locations, simultaneously.
One of the key benefits of using SMS marketing is that the message can be personalized to fit each customer. This is especially great for creating and maintaining connections with the customer. With personalization, Bulk SMS gives your business a chance to generate repeat customers while attracting new ones.
On average, 98 percent of all texts people receive are opened. This means that bulk SMS is a great way to ensure that your message is opened by your clients within the first few minutes. Therefore, to achieve a higher click-through rate along with better engagement, Bulk SMS is the way to go. You can even use it side by side with email marketing.
It is often common practice for some businesses such as e-commerce platforms to utilize well-timed text messaging to update customers regarding the latest purchases and the status of their orders. Similarly, banks use SMS to keep their customers in the loop about deposits, withdrawals, statements, balances, and more.
They do this because they know through SMS, they not only convey the right messages but do so while cutting down on services costs. And because people find it convenient to have quick access to important information regarding their preferred services, both the provider and the customer benefit from bulk SMS.
Apart from having a wider appeal, bulk SMS marketing guarantees high conversion rates. The more personalized your message is, the high the chances of having the customer convert. Regardless of what you want, whether it is to have them click a link or sign up for a product, achieving this goal is more effective through SMS.
Conveniently, you can also use bulk SMS from any website or service and get a chance to integrate it with the cloud. With the right company, you can seamlessly integrate the service into your existing platforms easily. This is, however, dependent on whether you have third-party software or not. According to market share statistics of the best Bulks SMS Provider in Kenya, Celcom Africa is the leading provider in terms of Bulk SMS followed by other companies
Start Messaging Your Customers today
In a digital sphere where everyone is constantly on their smartphones, SMS marketing can be the breakthrough your business needs. It’s the ideal way to reach out to prospects and is a great pull marketing tactic to keep them coming back for more.
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