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Choosing the best programming language for your web development project is a critical task. An excellent choice facilitates rapid project development and helps your development team integrate essential features with lesser efforts.  
While there are many different programming languages, the most common ones used in web development are JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. JavaScript has a popularity of nearly 65% among developers worldwide, as per Statista.
Do you know which programming languages are preferred by developers worldwide?
Here’s what Statista says as per its 2021 survey report:
Source: Statista- Top Programming Languages
Let’s explore them in detail.

java Script
JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted scripting language widely used to enhance and add content to a web page. It gets used in various ways, from adding simple functions or buttons to creating complex animations. JavaScript runs on top of a browser’s built-in engine and adds functionality with simple commands placed inside <script> tags within an HTML document.
With JavaScript installed on your computer, you can make changes to any part of a website and create entirely new pages from scratch. Most Internet users already have JavaScript enabled, which means it has excellent browser support, making it one of the most sought-after options among designers.
According to Failory, approximately 79% percent of all internet surfers have JavaScript enabled at all times. One thing to consider is that older versions may not work correctly due to browser changes or third-party programs interfering with its execution. So installing updates will help ensure compatibility issues are minimized.
HTML is the most basic of all coding languages. If you’re planning to develop a website or web app, HTML will provide you with a solid foundation for website development. Since most websites get built on top of HTML, developers can style your code to fit your specific needs by an experienced developer.
HTML gives you a good start at writing code that will do something besides displaying information on the screen. And knowing how to build basic pages can come in handy if you plan on publishing your content online somewhere down the line, too!
On the other hand, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language that describes how to display HTML documents on screen, paper, or in other media. When it comes to modern web design, CSS is vital; using CSS enables designers to separate style from content.
Doing so makes it easier for multiple people to work on different parts of a website since they can modify styles without accidentally breaking other components. At its core, CSS gives you ways of formatting text elements on a page—such as headings or paragraphs—with predefined fonts and colors.
Note: Together HTML & CSS holds a popularity of 56% among developers worldwide.

Pros of using HTML language for your project:
Cons of using JavaScript Language for your project:
Python is a great language to go for web development if you want to do just about anything. It’s an incredibly versatile language that you can employ in any number of industries and for any number of purposes. Plus, it’s easy to learn if you already have some experience with other programming languages, and top IT companies are looking for people who know Python.
From web development to artificial intelligence to big data science, Python has something for everyone. Best of all, because Python code is so straightforward, even new programmers can write clean code that’s pretty free from bugs. 
If you want to do a web project involving data science or work with massive datasets, SQL is an obvious choice. It is because of excellent query databases and data analyzing capacity. It’s similar to learning a spoken language—the only way to learn is by doing it.
Getting a solid grasp of SQL can take months but has a massive payoff in career opportunities. The more advanced versions of SQL such as MySQL and PostgreSQL are also widely used in data science, so those might be good ones to focus on as well. 
Java is extensively used in developing web applications and other software solutions. Also, it stands out as a very reliable, safe, and robust language for web development. The language has been around since 1996, but that hasn’t stopped Java from evolving.
Multiple updates have added significant features to improve overall functionality. On top of being a great programming language used in all types of software solutions, it’s also one of the most commonly used server-side scripting languages. You can hire Java developers for creating dynamic Web content using Servlets or JSP pages.
C# is a general-purpose, object-oriented language. It has powerful features that allow developers to create high-performance applications. .NET makes it even better with tools and libraries that make C# code easier to write and compile and simplify deployment.
Microsoft designed the language within its .NET framework, which has evolved into one of the most widely used platforms in history. Whether you’re writing video games or apps, designing software solutions, or exploring entirely new ways of creating content, C# can help you achieve your goals faster than ever before.
Top companies using C#: Accenture, Alibaba Travels, Intuit, etc.
C++ is among the most popular programming languages out there. Using C++, you can create high-performing web projects across multiple platforms, including mobile OS. Noticeably, Apple’s iOS operating system was developed using C++, so you can start here if apps are your thing. The game engine Unity uses C++; game development companies looking for people who know what they’re doing won’t hesitate to hire someone who specializes in that language. 
Loved by website developers, PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages in use today. If you’re looking to write dynamic websites with WordPress, start your career as a web developer or add to your existing skill set, PHP is a great place to begin.
The language is based on C and incorporates many concepts from JavaScript, which makes it especially easy to pick up if you have prior coding experience. Moreover, since it’s free and runs on all major platforms—Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X—PHP provides professional programmers with maximum flexibility when writing code for business websites.
The C language has been used in various forms since 1972. It can be used to program on all platforms and is one of the most highly regarded and widely used programming languages in existence. Its portability makes it easy to use regardless of what type of operating system your software will run on.
However, while C might be a great choice when you’re just getting started with coding, it isn’t necessarily a great option if you want to quickly and easily develop complex software programs. Due to its relatively high level of difficulty and many features, producing code with C can be more time-consuming than other options.
Go is a modern, open-source project with an impressive pedigree. Google describes Go as combining powerful ideas from programming languages like C++ and Haskell with features in modern scripting languages like Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. 
The Goroutines feature makes it easy to create applications that can handle millions of simultaneous connections without adding additional servers or hardware. Its performance is unparalleled for a system-level language, making it ideal for building services and fast back-end systems on which other things get built.
As an object-oriented language, Ruby allows you to build complex applications with ease. Its focus on simplicity and productivity is an excellent choice if you want to develop quick prototypes or small tools to automate tasks. If you plan to create a full-blown product, check out Rails (see below).
Rails is a free and open-source full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. With Rails, you get Easy code reuse, and code gets reused by default in Rails, meaningless code duplication across projects.
It makes it easier to work on multiple projects at once and speeds up your progress because it takes less time to come up with new features or functionalities when you have so much code available at your fingertips. It’s safe to say that Ruby on Rails encourages programmers to create reusable components by default.
Developed by Apple, Swift is a multi-paradigm language that’s incredibly fast and stable. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to work with iOS apps on Apple devices. However, keep in mind that Swift isn’t supported by all types of platforms or libraries – including some Linux distributions – so check before you start working with it.
It has been growing in popularity & usage over recent years due to its ease of use and potential for high performance. These characteristics have attracted many developers to learn it, even though it is still relatively new compared to other programming languages that have been around for a long time.
If you choose between HTML, CSS, and Java at once, I would recommend only one language: Java. Java is beneficial in nearly every aspect of web development. It has a steeper learning curve than either of those languages, though. 
After you’ve spent some time learning basic Java, I recommend taking on HTML and CSS next; they are both essential to front-end web development. 
If you want to create websites with dynamic content (e.g., changing based on user input), look into Java web development company.
Answer:  The easiest way to decide between languages gets based on what you want your project to accomplish and how comfortable you are with programming in general.
At a high level, all languages are powerful in their way. However, some languages are more straightforward and more accessible to learn than others. It depends on how long you’ve been coding and what skillsets you have from previous jobs or learning on your own.
If you’re planning on creating a portal that will be getting lots of traffic and expect it to last, you’ll want to be sure that your language won’t slow down as things pick up.
A lower-level programming language is better at scaling than a high-level one. A low-level programming language is C, and an example of a high-level one is Python. More significant sites will naturally scale better than smaller ones, so there’s no definite cut-off point. 
Since web development is applicable in so many industries, with different budgets and resources available, please choose a language known for being fast and lean for processing requests.
Answer: Android is a widely used operating system, and many more people choose Android as an opportunity of making money, and we can see lots of startups coming on Android. Therefore, there are some programming languages which help you out in developing your first android app: 
Java: This is the most preferred option of any android development, and it is still more trending and mostly used language because it helps us provide special permission to an app. Even if some functionality is not available on specific devices, we can give some instructions using java code to ensure that our app can run on those devices.
Kotlin: A new version of Java with advanced features like nullability support, extension functions, etc., makes it a popular choice today. As an android developer, you can use Kotlin in place of Java while developing your next app. You don’t need to worry about fragmentation issues while supporting different versions of Android on devices running above Android 4.4 (API level 19).
Answer: Cross-platform programming languages include Python, JavaScript, C#, C++, etc., and Smalltalk. 
Cross-platform software gets designed with multiple operating systems in mind. It means that, unlike apps built for only one specific OS, cross-platform programs are usually compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS.
Examples of popular cross-platform software include cloud storage apps like Dropbox and document editors like LibreOffice. A great example of cross-platform development tools is Xamarin, which allows iOS developers to use C# on iOS and Android devices.
The best programming language for web development is based on your application requirements, so it’s crucial you know your skill level before you start coding.

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