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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2022 / The statistical probability of a SaaS startup reaching $1 billion in valuation 7 years ago was very low. Some would even say improbable – hence the term, ‘unicorn'. Today, with one SaaS startup gaining unicorn status approximately every 3 days, the often celebrated wins make it easy to forget the gruelling behind-the-scenes process of building and deploying customer-facing software. For the developers involved, the job doesn't stop at writing lines of code that work. The numerous steps involved in getting SaaS solutions working at the customer end include checking software into version control systems, deploying to web servers, load balancing, and more.
These time-consuming tasks that software developers are burdened with, all constitute a discipline called DevOps (i.e Development and Operations). Traditionally, these processes demand a considerable amount of time and accuracy, with each misstep directly increasing the time to launch. So, how can software developers (especially those that take pride in timely project delivery) speed up the time taken by DevOps?
This is the exact problem that Convox was built to solve. By intelligently replacing the lengthy code development process and DevOps teams with a single button, Convox saves software developers the time and resources involved in timely deployment. This way, organizations can automate the arduous task of maintaining an extra department doing unglamorous, repeatable tasks.
CEO, Brian Galura's insight into this problem comes from living the experience first-hand. In his former life, he was part of a 100-strong, technical operations team for a large SaaS company. Tasked with the job of handling code deployment, the team tested and deployed code after code, doing the boring ‘magic' that made software available for customers to use and enjoy.
Convox caters to organizations that lack the capacity and resources to manage hundreds of DevOps engineers – publishing companies, digital agencies, consulting companies with less than 100 software developers working on 2 – 3 month projects, etc. Especially when simultaneously managing multiple clients and projects, Convox eases the process of standardizing tasks and processes to consistently deliver client projects in a timely and cost-efficient fashion. Additionally, Convox supports most cloud providers so there's no need to change providers in most cases.
‘Ease of Use' corner is covered pretty well (one command automatic rolling deploys, fast rollbacks, twelve-factor apps by default, simple but powerful abstractions of the underlying platforms).
With a strong track record of deploying, managing and scaling code for hundreds of notable companies, Convox is committed to translating its unique industry insight and experience into a world-leading solution that offers measurable value to organizations that are held back by their manual processes.
To drive its commitment towards meeting this goal, the company recently reorganized its management and ownership structure.
Having spent over 15 years in various technical capacities in software companies (software developer, software engineer, technical operations engineer, cloud and enterprise architecture, etc) Brian has spent a considerable amount of time on the receiving end of the pain of getting software code shipped out to customers.
"I've seen teams fail. I've also seen companies fail to deliver value through the software development lifecycle. That's why the opportunity to get involved with Convox really resonated with me – because I wanted to solve these problems for other customers, in a scalable way."
The idea of Convox really appealed to Brian because he knew that this was exactly the solution he wished that he had access to when he was struggling with deploying code.
In trying to solve this problem, Brian has built solutions similar to Convox on more than one occasion – for other teams and clients. He has also worked on systems built by others, comparable to Convox in some ways. He hopes to bring all his skills and experience in this area into using this product to make the lives of developers and teams a lot easier.
Experts agree that the human factor is the number one bottleneck encountered in the software deployment process – not tools or the technical abilities available. Often, people may prefer to retain control over the parts of the process within their areas of comfort – usually to the detriment of entire projects. By drastically cutting down the steps behind these processes, Convox empowers companies to free up capacity for their engineers to take control over less sensitive tasks.
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