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Mohammed Geoffrey is a senior IT professional with 37 years of experience in managing software development and commercialization. He is currently Chairman and CEO at Indorse Services, a Saudi-based company which aims at improving cybersecurity through IndorseSign, an advanced digital transactions, content management and process management platform. IndorseSign is a member of the CSC (Cloud Signature Consortium), a group of industry and academic organizations committed to building a new standard for cloud-based (remote) digital signatures that will support web and mobile applications and comply with the most demanding electronic signature regulations in the world.
Mohammed is a true visionary and innovator, aiming towards ridding the world of paper-based transactions, increasing efficiency, productivity, and protecting public and private entities from corruption, fraud and espionage. He boasts eminent leadership expertise with an exemplary record in driving management methodologies and disciplines spanning estimation, contracting, project planning, risk management, progress tracking and analysis, report and other related factors.
Mohammed is a results-driven professional, recognized for taking on major initiatives, adapting to rapidly changing environments, and resolving mission-critical issues to ensure bottom-line success. He possesses excellent skills in functional and technical analysis, scope management, software marketing strategies, resource allocation, risk management, effort and cost estimation, negotiations aligned to pre-set guidelines, and innovative software development strategies.
His management style is characterized by a focus on discipline, prioritization, and keeping focus on mission critical objectives. Mohammed is a leader with good communication, team building, and management, interpersonal, and analytical skills.
Mohammed has been instrumental in implementing the Electronic Certification & Verification System for the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He is the holder of various patents duly registered in the U.S. Patent Office, European Patent Office, GCC Patent Office, and Chinese Patent Office in the field of digital authorization and non-repudiation. Mohammed also played a key role in the implementation of various Oracle solutions in major organizations and government organizations in Saudi Arabia.
• System Engineer at Saudi ARAMCO (1977 to 1994)
At Saudi ARAMCO, Mohammed was responsible for the management of the overall software development architecture. He was also involved in planning and managing staff and strategies aimed at accomplishing requested projects (security software development and implementation, administrative system software development and implementation, and medical system software development and implementation).
• Chairman and CEO of HOD > Indorse Technologies > Indorse Services (1994 to date)
As the Chairman and CEO of Indorse Services, Mohammed participates in the operations and deliberations of the Board and ensures the completion of the Board’s functionalities based on mandate. He also reviews and approves the strategic planning of the management to ensure good corporate governance and manages the overall company transactions. Mohammed is also involved in activities including: marketing and implementation of Oracle Software E-Business Suite Financials, supply chain and manufacturing application, marketing, development and implementation of Portal and website, marketing, development and operating of the Chamber Attestation SaaS Platform and Data Leakage Protection Platform, marketing, development and operating of the IndorseSign Platform which is the company’s digital transaction management platform, development and operating of the new Angular 5 interface for the IndorseSign Platform, as well as sales and marketing of the IndorseSign Platform in Saudi Arabia and international markets.
Gate Security for ARAMCO, Jeddah
• Functioned as Development Manager
• Technology used: CICS Cobol, Dbase III on IBM Mainframe and MS Windows
• Saudi Clients: Petromin
Correspondence System
• Functioned as Development Manager
• Technology used: IBM PC Clipper and DB IV.
• Saudi Clients: SAMAREC
Medical systems
• Functioned as Development Manager
• Technology used: IBM PC Clipper and DB IV.
• Saudi Clients: SMAREC and ARAMCO
Oracle E-Business Suite
• Functioned as CEO
• Technology used: Oracle JDF & Oracle Database
• Saudi Clients: Arabia Food Supplies (AFS), Jamjoom Pharmaceutical, Jamjoom Medical Stores, International Islamic Relief Org, Arabian Cement Company, National Mattresses Mfg., and Tajeer (Islamic Leasing)
Portal and Websites Development
• Functioned as CEO
• Technology used: HTML and .Net
• Saudi Clients: Petromin Oils, Abbar & Zainy, Jeddah Cable Co, Banaja Group, The Continental (British) School, Al Andalus Schoo, Tehama Group, Al Salem Group, Al Hadha Group of Company, Gulf Packing System, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Patchi, Minaret Business Association (MBA), Jeddah Dawa Center and International Holy Quran Memorization
Chamber Attestation
• Function as CEO and CTO
• Technology used: Oracle JDF & Oracle Database and C++
• Saudi Clients: Saudi Council of Chambers and Jeddah Chamber
Data Leakage Protection
• Function as Chairman
• Technology used: C++ , .Net and J2EE on Linux and MS Windows
• US Clients: Microsoft and CISCO
• Functioned as Chairman, CEO and CTO
• Saudi Clients: Binlalded Group, Jamjoom Pharma and Internation Medical Center
IndorseSign Advanced DTM Platform
• Functioned as Chairman, CEO and CTO
• Saudi Clients: Jamjoom Pharma and Riyad Bank
Mohammed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from St. Thomas University, Dade County, Florida, U.S.A. He took many technology and business courses in the field of system development methodologies, network and management, and is an active participant in various IT and management conferences like Comdex, CeBIT and GITEX.
CONTACT: (+966) 12 601 2789
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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