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For years, owning a house in the affluent neighbourhoods has been the epitome of success and opulence for many Kenyans.
As such, a mansion located in Muthaiga, Nairobi County, has been put up for sale for a whopping Ksh750 million.
The mansion itself sits on a one acre piece of land. It’s a two-storey behemoth that is painted brown and white and rivals that of billionaires. 
The prestigious, spacious and modern mansion consists of five bedrooms that all have en-suite facilities.
Its interior is properly designed with high-end furniture, a big living room and a sizable bathroom. A walk around the living room depicts flashy cream and brown colours that intertwine to make a properly designed marvel.
From old fashioned strauss-crystal chandeliers, stylish drawn curtains to faux plastic plants, the house embodies a captivating look.
Some of the amenities include a chapel, an exclusive lounge that gives a clear view of Karura forest, 70 percent wall to wall carpets with beautiful themes, a gym room, as well as servants quarters. 
Outside, the property has a lavish swimming pool and the compound boasts of a vast manicured lawn that leads to the gate.
The mansion was built and designed by Janet and Will Omido- a couple who have been married for 20 years.
In a past interview, the couple detailed the strenuous process of building the house. Will pointed out that it took months of planning and redesigning in order to craft the perfect fit for his family.
The mansion would later be given the finishing touches by the junior architect alongside Will. His wife, at the time, was in the United States clearing some projects.
“During our travels, she would tell me the kind of things she wanted to see so that was part of what I was trying to put together in terms of briefing our architect. She had interesting ideas incorporated in the house. The beauty about it is that it gave as a different perspective in the direction we were taking in terms of building the house,” Will Omido stated.
A report released by Knight Frank in December 2020, revealed that house buyers prioritise more on outdoor space, greater privacy and a home office.
“..we also see that close to a third of respondents are more likely to move in the next 12 months in 2022, and 50 percent expect the value of their property to fall over the same period, as a result of the pandemic,” the report revealed.


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