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WhisperSMS, a communications company based in Lagos, has integrated all-in-one digital communication channels that enable users to fully express their ideas. WhisperSMS is a telecommunications company that delivers bulk SMS to over 5000 phone numbers with different network service providers, including DND numbers from any internet-connected device.
It’s not surprising that businesses are increasingly using SMS (Short Message Service) messaging to support their Customer service and engagement strategies. We may not be tied to our emails 24/7, but many of us are inseparable from our mobile phones.
SMS marketing allows you to broadcast customised messages to groups or individuals and is a great way to capture the attention of your target audience and encourage a prompt response.
With this launch, Whisper SMS hopes to increase sales and customer satisfaction through smarter SMS campaigns, instant OTPs, email notifications, voice OTPs, and other award-winning bulk SMS services. Additionally, Whisper SMS has set up SMS auto-replies with the introduction of dual VMNs. Since its launch in October 2021, it has been able to introduce an intelligence-driven, fine-tuned SMS gateway routing technology, a robust, scalable infrastructure with redundancy, and direct integration with multiple carriers.
Explaining the rationale behind the brand, the CEO of WhisperSMS, Mr Oritsetinmeyin Igbene, said “communication in Nigeria has helped companies have a great interaction with stakeholders, synergy and good retention of clients. It is the foundation for business relationships with clients and customers because they need to get the information they need at their convenience and in real-time.” Going further, he explained that this has further increased profitability because a lot of businesses can project and soar to higher profit levels because communication helps businesses get referrals that are beneficial to their long-term success.
With the launch in top gear, he said “Now that we’re talking about Whisper SMS, these features alone demonstrate all of its benefits for businesses and customers. Additionally, it features an API for an A2P platform to notify businesses of transactions their customers made on their accounts, which is seamless, fast, reliable and convenient. With Whisper SMS, life has been made easier, and more features are coming soon.”
As an example of one-to-many communication, WhisperSMS hopes to help Marketers use SMS marketing campaigns to send promotions, coupons, sales information, and other marketing messages to multiple recipients at once. Services available on Whisper SMS include Broadcast, Messaging, OTP, Voice OTP & Voice Broadcast.
We are creating a unique feature with Whisper SMS as regards the bridging of gaps, with a Back-up and Restore app. Prior to Whisper Sms, managing leads and support enquiries seemed like a Herculean task, but now you can track all enquiries via missed call hits and SMS that include the number of the missed call.
WHISPER SMS APP from the Google Play Store allows Android users to send bulk promotional messages directly to their customers via their Android device. This and more can be done on the WHISPER SMS APP. Kindly download the WHISPER SMS APP on Google Play Store to experience amazing features!
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