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Media personality and entrepreneur Julie Gichuru, through a post on her social media account, revealed that she underwent a surgical procedure in 2021 that changed her life.
Celebrating her birthday, on Friday, January 7, Gichuru divulged that she had to undergo eye surgery after doctors realized her eyesight was declining rapidly.
Gichuru informed her followers that she was recovering well and was happy that she no longer needed to wear eyeglasses.
” I had eye surgery and I am recovering well – my vision which was deteriorating fast is so greatly improved I don’t need glasses anymore,” she posted.
Julie also disclosed that her husband had to undergo surgery during the same period and he too was recovering well. She added that she was grateful they had each other to lean on during that period.
“My darling Simba also had major surgery and he is doing well too, by the grace of God. We had the opportunity to care for each other through this – what an honor to serve and help each other – to help heal, support, encourage and strengthen each other. So very thankful,” the media personality shared.
In her birthday post, Gichuru noted that her 47th year was bittersweet having gained and also lost family members. She reflected on the past year and expressed hope as she turned 48.
“We have experienced such great loss – deeply cherished loved ones have gone ahead of us. They are resting now. And as they rest, we must live on, knowing we shall be together again,” Gichuru shared.
On December 25, Gichuru shared that her family was mourning the loss of her nephew whom she described as a son.
Gichuru went on to share that her family was heartbroken over his demise, noting that he would hate to see the agony they were in.
Despite the loss, Gichuru promised to celebrate him as he would have liked, revealing that she was glad she had the opportunity to share how precious he was to them.
“We have lost one so precious. Our nephew who became a son to us. The gift that kept giving has left us and we are heartbroken. We must survive, he would hate to see us in this agony. We must celebrate the time we had. Thank you for all the messages.
“You know you’ve always had my heart- right from day one, right from the start. Your soul is always filled with joy, this spirit nothing can destroy,” she stated.


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