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Feature Sprints
Product Leader Gaby Antoni, Design Leader Marta Guerra, and Engineering Leader Chris Patullo have pooled their expertise together to provide companies a revolutionary book for software development. Titled ‘Feature Sprints’, this book was created to make the design and development process more inclusive by enabling teams to work together more seamlessly and deliver more value to their customers. Released recently on Amazon Kindle, the book reached the #1 best seller status for four categories on Amazon. The paperback version of the book will be released in January 2022.
One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is getting stuck on the never-ending hamster wheel of analysis, design, discussion when building a software product. The authors created ‘Feature Sprints’ to break this cycle.
Feature Sprints leverages a modified version of the “Sprint” process for startups to take advantage of the collaboration and speed that it fosters. The authors adapted, enhanced, and tested their Feature Sprints process extensively to make it work for adding new features and enhancements to existing software products and services.
Most software development teams are operating as multiple separate dysfunctional teams (Product, Design, and Engineering), which results in wasted time and energy. The existing frameworks do not include the entire team during the sprint session because the engineering team is usually involved after the prototype is created and it does not help the feature lifecycle become more efficient. When the engineering team is brought in after the prototype is created, teams typically uncover unexpected surprises or technical limitations that many times result in design rework and wasted resources.
Feature Sprints seeks to connect all of the dots by applying user-centered design principles throughout the entire software development lifecycle, not just the analysis and design phases. Regardless of an entity’s agile development methodology (Scrum, Kanban, etc.), it can be easily embedded in a team’s process. Because all team members from the product, design, and engineering groups participate in the Feature Sprints process, it fosters accountability as well as a collaborative culture where everyones’ voice is heard and considered in the final solution.
As a result of all the team members being on the same page for what the feature is, why it is important, and how it is going to be built, the engineering team can quickly think through potential issues, create stories, map dependencies, and efficiently start coding the solution the day following the Feature Sprint session, which is much sooner than the typical weeks or months it would take to get on the same page, create stories, and begin writing code.
The Kindle version of Feature Sprints is available at
For more information about Feature Sprints, visit You may also learn more about the book via the social media links provided below.
About the Authors
The authors of the book (Gaby Antoni, Marta Guerra, and Chris Patullo) represent the Tri-Force between Product, Design, and Engineering that reveals the power of collaboration between these three functional areas. The team received the Great Places to Work® For All Leadership Award in 2019 for an innovation that resulted in a significant, quantifiable impact on their business’s success.
Gaby Antoni is a Manager of Product and leads the mobile development teams for her company’s mobile apps. Her job is to set the vision for the mobile applications, to become the voice of the customer, conduct market analysis, interpret trends, interview customers, bridge the customer needs and translate these to developers. Before becoming a Manager of Product, she was a Business Analyst (BA). As a BA, she understood the business needs and unique use cases from customers. She conducted market analysis to interpret trends, interviewed customers, and translated the information into business requirements to help the developers build features.
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Marta Guerra is a Senior UX Designer, and she creates products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. She is concerned with the entire user journey: acquiring, first usage, and maintenance so everything works together seamlessly. Her work is considered successful when she meets a particular user’s needs in a specific context. She also endeavors to accommodate users’ physical limitations. Some of her deliverables include user research, creating personas, designing wireframes, and building interactive prototypes. She acts as the users’ advocate to keep their needs at the center of all design and development efforts.
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Chris Patullo is a Director of Software Engineering, and he is responsible for making sure the team is efficiently building high-quality products that deliver value to customers. He transitioned from the Business Analyst role to engineering leadership because of his love for the technical side of the development process. Having a business background and perspective helps all the teams and projects he leads. Chris has always been involved with team sports, from playing collegiate football to coaching his sons’ sports teams, so he treats everyone working on a project as one cohesive unit, even if they are in different functional groups like the analysts from the product team or designers from the UX team. He believes anything is possible when everyone works together.
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