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In this podcast summary Thomas Betts, Wes Reisz, Shane Hastie, Charles Humble, Srini Penchikala, and Daniel Bryant discuss what they have seen in 2021 and speculate a little on what they hope to see in 2022. Topics explored included: hybrid working and the importance of ethics and sustainability within technology.
What is the single best API technology you should always use? Thomas Betts moderated the discussion, with the goal to understand some of the high-level features and capabilities of three popular technologies for implementing APIs. The discussion covers some of the pros and cons of GraphQL and gRPC, and why you might use them instead of a RESTful API.
In this article, author Juan Pan discusses the data sharding architecture patterns in a distributed database system. She explains how Apache ShardingSphere project solves the data sharding challenges. Also discussed are two practical examples of how to create a distributed database and an encrypted table with DistSQL.
Psychological safety is a work climate where employees feel free to express their questions, concerns, ideas and mistakes. We cannot have high-performing teams without psychological safety. In this article, you will learn practical ideas, interesting stories, and powerful approaches to boost psychological safety in your team.
At QCon Plus, Mathias Schwarz, a software engineer at Uber, presented safe and fast deploys at planet scale. Uber is a big business and has several different products. They are, in most cases, deployed to dozens or hundreds of markets all over the world.
How do traditional security approaches scale in Cloud Native architectures? Register Now!
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Oct 06, 2021 3 min read
Adelina Turcu

With QCon Plus only a few weeks away, our Program Committee and track hosts have selected six tracks not to miss this November 1-12, which include From Remote to Hybrid Teams: Return to Office?, API Architecture, Architectures You've Always Wondered About, and Optimizing Your Organization for Speed. Which of these will you be attending?
For all 16 tracks, you’ll learn how 64+ leading software practitioners at Netflix, Twitter, eBay, Shopify, Pinterest, and more are adopting the emerging technologies, trends, and practices shaping the future of software development. 
If you’re a software architect, senior engineer or team lead, you don’t want to miss these QCon Plus stand-out tracks. 
After adapting to fully distributed remote work over the past 18 months, teams are now seeing another challenge appear on the horizon: as offices reopen, some workers will be enthusiastically returning to their desks, while others will remain remote. What does the future of work look like in this hybrid world? In this track, we will reflect on the last year of remote work and look ahead to how we will adapt to a hybrid future. Confirmed speakers in the “Remote to Hybrid Teams: Return to Office” track include:
How would you design and implement your APIs if you were starting today? If you already have a lot of APIs, what should you be thinking about to keep up with the competition? 
This track will highlight the latest tools and techniques around API design and usage; from contract-first API development and client generation techniques, to how APIs are changing for use cases like big data and streaming, to testing and operational aspects of dealing with APIs at scale. Join:
Get hard-learned architectural insights from some of the world’s leading domain experts. Learn how you can improve your architecture’s scalability, reliability, throughput, and performance. Speakers confirmed in the “Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About” track include:
Microservices bring various benefits but come with a lot of complexities. Learn from experts and hear their stories about microservices adoptions including pitfalls and potential future trends. The “Microservice Patterns and Antipatterns: Lessons From the Trenches” track includes:
Learn how to improve the velocity and flow of your engineering organization through changes to processes, practices, and team structures. Attend the “Optimizing Your Organization for Speed” track and discover how to put the ideas of Lean, DevOps, and Systems Thinking into practice in your organization. Join: 
Global Internet connectivity provides a unique opportunity to scale products and services. In many areas performance, reliability, and efficiency of network requests directly impact business metrics, requiring to scale architectures beyond the central data center to the Edge of the infrastructure. This track shares the latest techniques to scale software architectures to the Edge networks with thousands of points of presence and ways to minimize the last-mile data delivery. Join:
See all 16 QCon Plus tracks and topics. 
QCon Plus offers you access to:
Save your place at QCon Plus November 2021.*
*If you change your mind later, you can get a refund up to 14 days before the start of the event.

Uncover emerging trends and practices from domain experts. Attend in-person QCon London (April 4-6, 2022) or online QCon Plus (May 10-20, 2022).
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A round-up of last week’s content on InfoQ sent out every Tuesday. Join a community of over 250,000 senior developers. View an example

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