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Starting up a business can be a very aggravating experience. From the demands it has to the amount of capital you will need. However, it is a step worth taking.
The absence of capital should never worry you as there are very many business opportunities often overlooked in Kenya that have a very wide scope for return.
These businesses may range from small scale to large scale depending on the amount of capital you have.
 A good number of Kenyans have built a name for themselves following the risks they decided to take. At we decided to comb through some of the businesses that made Kenyans a fortune in 2021.
Mitumba business
A good number of Kenyans are reaping big from selling second-hand clothes. Not only is the business easy to start up but also does not need many legal requirements compared to other ventures.
One may choose to sell clothes online or own a physical shop depending on the size of your startup capital.
For those opting to open shops, they may pay the city council so as to operate within their jurisdiction.
You can get suppliers from the Gikomba market, Eastleigh market, Muthurwa market, or Toi market.
With this business, you are likely to triple or double your profit depending on where and the type of clothes you are selling.
Shoe Shining business
As you walk across the city especially during weekdays when people are rushing to their places of work, you are likely to meet people sitting in designated areas waiting for their shoes to be cleaned. Have you ever asked yourself how much shoe shiners pocket at the end of the day?
A good number of Kenyans have picked on the shoe shining business, and it is paying off. To start up the business, one will require a license from the city council, a seat, a brush, and shoe polish. 
Being a shoe shiner in Nairobi is likely to earn you Ksh10,000 per day.
Barbershop Salon
Salons have been a booming business over the years. There has been a great demand for hairdressing. A good number of Kenyans have made a fortune from the business.
Most salons charge from Ksh1,000 whereas others charge as high as Ksh50,000 per head depending on the location, skills, and the hairstyle you want.
The business is easy to start-up and some provide hairdressing services from the comfort of their homes.
For those who prefer owning a shop, the capital required will entirely depend on the location and size of the business.
For small start-ups, you will need Ksh5,000 to Ksh8,000 per month for rent.
Similarly, barber shops require little capital to start, depending on the location of the shop.
On a good day, small start-up barbershops can fetch up to Ksh2,000. 
For barber shops situated in busy areas, one can make as high as Ksh5,000 per day.
Growing the right crops during the appropriate season will fetch you some good money. Many Kenyans are eking a living out of selling farm produce such as vegetables, cereals, fruits among others.
Identifying the right farm produce is likely to save you on time wastage with no returns for the produce.
Crops such as tomatoes, strawberries, cabbages, potatoes, herbs, watermelons, and beans have a wide demand.
Additionally, the business does not require extremely high capital to start. One can start through small farms, for crops such as strawberries and herbs you could grow them at the comfort of your balcony.
Starting a farm business can require as low as Ksh10,000 capital and as high as Ksh 00,000 for big-scale farmers.
Poultry Farming
There is a wide demand for chicken, especially in the urban areas. If you have a small farm starting a chicken rearing business can make you a fortune. With as low as 10 hens or cocks you are able to build up a start-up for your enterprise. In addition, you may sell eggs from the layer chicken and sell meat from the broilers as well.
For broiler chicken, you may need Ksh20,000 for start-up. This will cater for their feeds and medicine as well as immunization.
For the chicken rearing business, the profit grows overtime.
 Smokies and Eggs Business
Kenyans are making a fortune from this small yet profitable business. With as low as Ksh2,000 to Ksh5,000 you can set up the business and reap big returns.
Consider areas that have a large market such as bus stations, learning institutions among other public spaces.
With this enterprise, you are likely to make some quick cash.
The cake baking business has a range of returns, with this business, you are likely to make Ksh3,000 per day to Ksh20,000 per day depending on the orders you get.
Consider the right location for the business. You can as well sell and market your products online as long as you have a great display for your products that will attract potential customers.


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