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Seattle, a city in Washington State, is renowned for hosting tech giants such as Amazon and American multinational corporation, Boeing.
The state, estimated to have a population of 755,936 residents, is also home to a Kenyan clergyman who seemingly turned the proverbial American dream into a reality. 
Speaking on Chams Media, Archbishop Stephen Njenga revealed his journey to become a notable entrepreneur within the state – running a total of 12 companies.
According to Njenga, his drive to become an entrepreneur stemmed from a desire to build a good reputation and become a force for good in the society.
Njenga is the founder of One Word International Ministries, which relays the word online through his company, One Word Digital Media.
The media company has a team of about 15 presenters whose main aim is to preach the Gospel all over the world. He has another branch in Phoenix, Arizona. 
“We stream services via YouTube and Facebook. If you head on to our digital platforms, you will see our content there, besides that we also endeavour to tackle issues affecting the community,” he stated.
Njenga also heads Home Aide training centre- a company which trains health professionals who work in agencies, assisted living such as homes for the elderly and hospitals.
“We also have a another company- Quickink Notary services. The importance of this is to certify documents. I do every idea that comes into mind and I try to implement it. 
“When you’re opening a bank, before you sign the pages, there are documents that needed to be signed by a notary public. His work entails witnessing, certifying and signing the documents in order to make them legal,” he detailed.
One of his latest projects is Living Independent Adult Family home- where he bought a house and was issued with a license to run a family home. 
Njenga also runs African supermarket where he sells products imported from Kenya such as Unga, Cowboy, Blueband, Kunde, Managu. 
Detailing how he arrived in United States, the Murang’a native pointed out that his journey was full of bumps along the way.
Njenga got a scholarship to go to Copenhagen Bible college in 2002. After studying for three years, he came back to Kenya in 2005 and taught for another four years before moving to Botswana.
Unfortunately, in Botswana, he did not get the job he was seeking, and had to raise funds in order to return back to the country.
Undeterred by the experience, he went back to Botswana and taught for five years before getting an opportunity to go to Mississipi. 
“When I came into the US, I did my bachelor’s degree of arts in Biblical studies as well as my Doctorate degree in Philosophy from Dayspring Christian University in Mississipi. I was then posted in Arizona but requested to be posted to Washington state because of the environment which was more conducive,” he pointed out.
In the healthcare sector, Njenga had to undertake training in order to become a fully fledged tutor with the requisite qualifications. He revealed that he trained an average of 3,000 students in the healthcare industry. 
The pastor also runs Quicklink Student exchange Program whereby he helps students in Kenya get a scholarship to study and work in the US.


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