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Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader, Musalia Mudavadi, caused a political storm in his highly acclaimed event dubbed “Mudavadi earthquake” on Sunday, January 23.
The event saw Mudavadi agree to form a pact with Deputy President William Ruto ahead of this year’s General Election.
However, at the event, Musalia Mudavadi’s last born not only stole the show but also enlightened the crowd during her speech.
She recounted her father’s political career- highlighting his good deeds ever since he joined the political scene in 1989.
“Good morning dad, the next President of Kenya,” she endearingly stated during the opening of her speech. 
The crowd cheered in admiration of her eloquence and articulation of her father’s political career.
“We can see that he is clearly a strong, tried, experienced, very prominent figure in Kenyan politics. My dad is a champion for change for all Kenyans regardless of their age, their gender, their ethnicity and their class,”
“Considering all the sacrifices my dad has made for this country due to his extremely selfless nature, kind heart and integrity, I stand here very proud to say that this is my dad,” she stated.
Maryanne has shied away from politics before making her presence felt at the earthquake event. Previously, she worked as a volunteer at Musalia Mudavadi Foundation Trust (MMFT) and National Assembly Lady Spouses Association, Kenya (NALSA-K). 
Further, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Psychology) from the University of Sussex and a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from the same institution.
She currently works as a recruiter at a top local bank.
Aside from Maryanne, Mudavadi has two other sons: Moses and Michael. Moses is presumed to harbour political ambitions and often accompanies his father to rallies.
Michael, the second born, is an avid video gamer and works for a leading marketing agency. 


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