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Looking for a way to send SMS in bulk for a price that fits? It’s time to try CheapGlobalSMS.
If you need to send SMS messages to a bunch of people at once, it’s easy enough to select multiple recipients on your phone. But it’s not so easy for bulk SMS delivery for marketing and information purposes. It can also prove expensive.
But with CheapGlobalSMS, you get easy bulk SMS delivery at an affordable price, along with an amazing set of features and extras.
Anyone can send an SMS from their phone. You’ve probably sent one to multiple recipients. But this is not good for mass messaging, marketing, or login verification messages (OTP). For example, emergency messages from the government or a utility provider suffering an outage.
In these scenarios, you require a bulk SMS provider. CheapGlobalSMS is one such provider, giving you the tools to send messages to as many mobile numbers as you need.
We’re not talking one or two here. Bulk SMS providers, like CheapGlobalSMS, can send messages to thousands of numbers simultaneously. You can schedule SMS communications, send to a portion of your subscribers, and pre-paid credits ensure you’re ready to send at short notice.
A bulk SMS service primarily needs to be affordable and reliable. It should have multiple routing options, with priority delivery for important messages (banking, one-time passwords, etc.) along with mass-marketing, low-budget messaging. Meanwhile, payment options should be suitable for many business, however they want to pay.
Delivery reports are also vital to ensure that recipients receive your messages. Global coverage is also necessary, as is straightforward API access and documentation.
It should provide customer support to ensure resolution of questions and problems with the service.
Finally, your bulk SMS service should be easy to use, allowing you to create and distribute a campaign in minutes.
Everything above is the minimum you should expect from a bulk SMS provider. CheapGlobalSMS uses all of that as a starting point, with a wide selection of vital features that you probably thought weren’t possible.
Take the delivery reports, for example. Standard “delivered” message is only useful to a certain degree. It’s more useful to know exactly what happened to the message. CheapGlobalSMS gives you a detailed range of responses, giving you a clearer picture of what happened. Responses include:
CheapGlobalSMS also gives you a global network coverage, allows you to buy bulk SMS credits with Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, and Tether USDT as well as credit cards, and includes six free credits to get you started. Volume discounts apply to the pricing when you're buying big, and the credits charged for each message depend on each recipient's networks/country. The system automatically detects the location and indicates on the delivery report.
There is also a bulk SMS API access for developing your own in-house interface to the CheapGlobalSMS service, and a WordPress plugin for quick and easy distribution of messages. Otherwise, there’s a white-label SMS widget; code that you can add to any web page for easy access to CheapGlobalSMS.
Most importantly, however, CheapGlobalSMS is just so easy to use.
Want to try CheapGlobalSMS? Start by heading to and clicking Get Started.
Here you can register an account, or sign in with an existing Google account. The free sign-up gives you six free credits to try out CheapGlobalSMS.
Next, it will prompt you to update your profile. This involves setting your home country and inputting your time zone and telephone number. After clicking Update Profile, you may (optionally) request an SMS verification code to verify your phone.
You’re now ready to send SMS messages with CheapGlobalSMS.
Click Send SMS from the menu to compose the message. Add a sender ID, then enter or paste the recipient phone numbers. You should separate these with a space, comma, or enter them on a new line. Alternatively, the CheapGlobalSMS interface supports importing CSV, XLS and XLSX, VCF, and TXT files.
Specify the chunk interval (if you want to space out the sendings), choose the route (optimal, priority, or best price), and if necessary specify a date and time for the message.
When you’re happy, click Send SMS to send the message.
With a CheapGlobalSMS account, you can become a bulk SMS reseller. This means that you can buy credits in volume, then resell to clients at your own price. Couple this option with SMS API access or the white-label SMS widget and you have a ready-made global SMS business.
At such a low price, multiple payment options, and three delivery routing options, CheapGlobalSMS is the ideal choice.
Coverage is global, it offers a virtual number for verification, and there is even the opportunity to bulk buy SMS credits and resell to your own clients. A WordPress plugin lets you integrate CheapGlobalSMS with your blog, while API access is also available for developing in-house software to manage your SMS distribution with CheapGlobalSMS.
It’s simple: CheapGlobalSMS is the solution to all of your SMS marketing and verification needs.
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SMS text messages are still useful! These texting websites will let you send SMS messages from your computer for free.
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