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On 6 September 2021, Denmark introduced new, stricter rules for registrants of '.dk' domain names. If domain name registrants do not keep their contact information up-to-date, all of the registrants' domain names may risk getting suspended and deleted. Secondly, 'Registrar Management' has been introduced. A registrant can hereby allow a registrar to manage the domain name administration. Thirdly, higher prices have been introduced.
The administrator of the '.dk' registry (DK-Hostmaster) has the right to demand documentation of the identity of a domain name registrant. Such a demand can be made at the request of DK-Hostmaster by its own accord or on the basis of a request from a third party, e.g. a trademark owner. Non-compliance within 25 days can result in the cancellation of the domain name and all those domain names that a registrant has a right to use based on the contact information.
DK-Hostmaster has the right to suspend a domain name used for unlawful use such as name, logo or trademark infringement, taking advantage of risk of confusion when typing URLs with minor spelling mistakes, phishing, crimes and anything that threatens public security. From now on, a suspension period of 30 days will apply to all cases, regardless of the reason for the suspension. Practically, suspension of a domain name means that the domain name gets disconnected from the name server. Websites or e-mail addresses connected to that domain name will thereafter not function. The domain name will be cancelled, unless the domain name registrant legalises the use of the domain name within the 30-day period. After that, the domain name will be available again for registration, unless DK Hostmaster decides to block the domain name in which case a new registration will not be possible.
As from 6 September 2021, the annual cost of a Danish domain name registration will be increased from 50 to 60 DKK. Advance payment for up to 10 years will be possible.
Registrars are now allowed to manage all aspects of the domain name registration on behalf of the registrant. It will still be possible for registrants to have direct contact with DK-Hostmaster.
It follows from the Danish Domain Name Act (LOV nr. 164 af 26/02 2014) and the Terms and conditions for the right of use to a dk.-domain name version 11 (Vilkår for brugsret til et .dk-domænenavn version 11), that domain name registrants must provide certain accurate data. Non-compliant registrants' Danish domain name registrations – and not just the ones that might be infringing a trademark – may risk getting suspended and cancelled. Denmark thus continues its past strict policy in contrast to the rest of the domain name industry where rules are being laxed.
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