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Thousands of reports of scam texts have been logged with the consumer watchdog website.
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Post Office customers have been urgently warned over "the most convincing" clone website scam Which? has seen.
Thousands of reports of scam texts have been logged with the consumer watchdog website.
As part of the scam, Post Office customers are urged to click a link to reschedule a delivery.
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But scammers want your details – including address, birthday, contact number and names.
They also implore you to pay a £1.10 charge to reschedule the delivery, and when completed, it actually takes you back to the legit Royal Mail website.
A Post Office spokesperson told Which?: "Scammers use our name, but Post Office never delivers letters and parcels. This is the job of Royal Mail.
"Once we become aware of a fake Post Office website, we pass this information over to our digital enforcement partner. If there is a live website displaying our brand, we can submit a request for ‘takedown’ with the domain registrar that the URL is registered with.
"In a lot of these cases, these websites are only live for a matter of days – mainly because once people start reporting a web URL to 7726, the site becomes untrustworthy. Web browsers will also start flagging whether a site could be a phishing site and start blocking attempts for people to access them.
"This combination of reporting and network / device-based checks will intervene. These sites are then usually taken down fairly quickly. However, in our experience, once one site is taken down, another appears. From our data we’re aware of over 1,000 domain names that we suspect or know have been set up to be used in delivery phishing scams in the last nine months alone."
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