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Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege has threatened to ditch the Jubilee Party in thirty days if the political outfit is not relaunched. 
Addressing the media on Thursday, January 6, the lawmaker revealed that she was getting tired of waiting for the party to rebrand.
She went on to explain that many politicians, including herself, had delayed printing materials that they will use to campaign because the party had taken too long to relaunch.
“Jubilee should give us a direction. The party should be relaunched so as to enable us to start campaigning. Right now, we can not even print posters because we feel constrained by the party,” Chege observed.
Further, the MP revealed that time was not on their side, adding that the delays by the party would force them to seek other alternatives.
“In February, I will make an announcement and reveal the party which I will use to contest and all other things. This time around, we will choose an individual with a good track record.
“I have been involved in national politics but this time around, you will see me with my people in the village and they will help me know what direction I will go,” she added.
Chege described herself as a God-fearing woman, adding that she was waiting for the Holy Spirit to guide her on which party to join.
The two-term MP is reported to be seeking the Murang’a gubernatorial seat although she is yet to official declare her bid. 
On December 13, 2022, Chege declared that she would campaign for Raila Odinga even if it meant losing her seat. 
“Initially we were told that Raila is not even a human. We were all very much afraid of him. But now we have had access to him, he is a very polite person. He has come out as a very good family man, a person who is very considerate about other people and a down-to-earth person,” she stated.
Chege divulged that she was no longer afraid of being associated with the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader and would help him in his ambitions to become the fifth president of Kenya.
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