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ThunderSoft, a leader in intelligent operating system, showed off its new lineup at CES, aimed at OEM/ODMs, tier1s and other industrial players who want to realize their digitalization and intellectualization through the advanced OS technologies.
ThunderSoft’s theme for this year’s CES was “Connected Intelligence” to signify the company’s commitment to facilitate the development of innovating products and services for industries like smart terminals, AIoT, smart vehicle, smart industry, etc.

“This year, our exhibition is under the theme of ‘Connected Intelligence’ to show the latest technologies and solutions, covering UI design, edge AI and vision, IoT modules and devices, AIoT and edge solutions, system technology, and service and IoT platforms, as well as smart automotive, altogether six fields,” said Larry Geng, co-founder of ThunderSoft. “ThunderSoft is a value-added scaling partner, bringing our customers with innovative, reliable, and commercial-ready products and solutions for the fields like AIoT, intelligent connected vehicles and smart industry, etc.”

Larry Geng,Co-founder of ThunderSoft
The company’s ecosystem is centered around its TurboX Smart Core Platform, an open platform for IoT and devices to accelerate development from prototype to mass production.
According to Geng, “The TurboX Smart Core Platform provides a one-stop solution, which includes SOM [system-on-module], OS, SDK, and algorithms. Furthermore, a development kit includes a testing board and technical support.”

The platform is based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and includes SOM, operating system, algorithms, and software development kits.
“It is difficult for OEMs and device manufacturers to enable so many different kinds of components, and to implement different systems, the investment is quite large and time-consuming; the TurboX Smart Core Platform aims at helping solve those challenges,” said Geng. “We cover all kinds of sectors, from low-end to high-end computing platforms. We provide the modules, the smart OS, SDK, and it is ready to connect to the cloud. Developers using our platform can focus on their differentiation and new features. There is no need for them to redo the common platform layers, helping them reduce the time to market.”
Analysts estimate that by 2023, 75% of the data will be created outside data centers. Those loads of information will come from factories, hospitals, retail stores, vehicles, and cities. More than 50% of that data will be processed, stored, and analyzed closer to its origin, at the edge, to deliver the required latency, bandwidth, reliability, security, and privacy for a wide variety of uses across many markets.
At CES 2022, Thundercomm, the joint venture between Qualcomm and ThunderSoft, showed its new edge computing products and solutions — Edge AI Box EB2, EB6, and ModelFarm — to empower customers worldwide to realize their digital transformation.
Founded in 2016 as a joint venture between Thundersoft and Qualcomm, Thundercomm focuses on combining emerging, disruptive technologies — such as AI, 5G, IoT, and cloud computing — to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for OEM/ODM, enterprises, and developers in a wide range of industries.

Thundercomm’s EB2 AI Box can deliver 1.7 tera operations per second (TOPS) for computing capability, with up to six channels of FHD video-processing capability. Its industrial quality, compact size, fan-less design, and comprehensive interface fit well into complex and harsh working environments.
The EB6 Edge AI Box, maintaining all the advantages from EB2, has dramatically improved its computing capability. From its own 15-TOPS processing capability, the EB6 can achieve up to 70 TOPS with an external accelerator card. The combination meets the demands from high-frequency and fast AI analysis scenarios such as medical image analysis, radar-vision fusion computing in the scene of vehicle-road collaboration, and the standardized operating process analysis in the factory.
ModelFarm is a one-stop AI training platform for industrial customers. It provides comprehensive AI model life-cycle management and services, covering data management, data labeling, model-training evaluation, online testing, and model downloading. ModelFarm effectively supports intelligent data-analysis scenarios and empowers customers to realize the capacity of AI and digital transformation.
Two of Thundersoft’s product showcase stars at CES 2022 were its unique automotive solutions: SmartParking and a new Smart Cockpit solution based on Qualcomm’s SA8295.
Using advanced ultrasonic and visual algorithms, cross-domain high-performance computing, the latest HMI designs, and the newest-generation ultrasonic sensors, ThunderSoft SmartParking delivers seamless parking experiences in various scenarios with high efficiency.
It supports multiple parking scenarios. Its advanced vertical-viewing technologies can identify parking lines and define available parking space, with a success rate of 98%. Even if the parking lines were blocked by other vehicles, ThunderSoft SmartParking could identify reasonable parking spaces using its unmatched ultrasonic and visual capabilities.

The new Smart Cockpit solution from ThunderSoft can deliver a complete multimedia information and entertainment platform for the new generation of advanced vehicles.
The platform is built around the Qualcomm SA8295’s unparalleled AI computing performance and multi-camera–supporting capabilities. It delivers a multi-screen smart-cockpit domain covering the digital dashboard, central-console entertainment, front-passenger entertainment, rear-passenger entertainment, streaming-media rearview mirror, and head-up display, among others.
“The automotive OEMs are eager to provide more features, more computing power, and more intelligence on the dashboard and entertainment systems, so they need an advanced chipset platform and a full turnkey solution,” said Geng. “Our new Smart Cockpit generation meets and exceeds their demands, and we are the first company to release this product.”
Despite the reduced participation of companies and delegates due to the latest pandemic wave, Geng is optimistic about the participation of ThunderSoft at this year’s show.
“Although we did not have as many meetings as we originally planned, we still managed to meet important partners both at our booth and online, and we hope that next year, everything can go back to normal so the ecosystem can really get back together,” he said. “Because when people get together, new ideas and innovations come out.”
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