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Online marketing is one of the most successful ways to increase traffic to your website or store, increase conversions, and increase brand awareness.
Advertising your business online may be a little intimidating with strategies like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and email marketing. In such a situation, you could employ a marketing firm to help you develop the most suitable online presence possible for your company.
We understand how difficult it may be to find a top marketing firm to handle your company. There are so many possibilities, and each firm provides something unique. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the options and aren’t sure how to choose the finest firm for you, this list may be just what you need to make the best selection.
Here are the top 10 Marketing Agencies in India in 2022:
1.Evolve Digitas Ptv Ltd
Evolve Digitas Ptv Ltd is a full-service digital technology firm that helps businesses grow using digital technologies.
They specialize in analyzing, designing, and executing digital campaigns via the web, mobile, and social media platforms, ensuring that they combine creativity, imaginative thinking, and innovative working approaches and a combination of high-quality advertising with hard-to-meet standards and outstanding execution produces outstanding results.
They create, develop, and maintain high-quality online and mobile apps for businesses and strive to be an enterprise in the ever-changing digital landscape.
They push forward with a desire for greatness and the concept that in a changing world where technology drives everything, a team with a perfect synergistic balance of creative brilliance and technical innovation team with a vast knowledge with a touch of relevance and optimum strategy goes a team with an ideal synergistic balance of broad familiarity with communication of significance and the optimum process goes a team with a perfect synergistic balance of comprehensive knowledge with a touch of relevance and develop techniques to assist businesses facing significant challenges to give successful management solutions with a long-term focus on nurturing to transform provider and customer relationships.
They create a cross-functional culture by putting up a team of marketing, creative, technology, design, planning, and authority for operation.
2.Weft Technologies
With their technological competence and platform for digital transformation, Weft Technologies embodies technical innovators with creative streaks seeking to cross the digital gap in and around us.
They’ve helped everyone from new online start-ups to corporate giants establish IT solutions that are lucid, innovative and easy to use, thanks to our six years of comprehensive understanding of unique websites, applications, ERP HRMS systems, and services. Their knowledge has no bounds and is well-established in the UAE, Oman, Canada, and India. They use expertise to hit the right notes for you while taking advantage of globalization’s benefits.
3.Skepper Creative Agency
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They prioritize originality in marketing above all else at Skepper, which is why they’ve been dubbed a famous agency. Providing clients with current, vital, and lasting brand exposure is one of the things they do as brand identity consultants.
 They assist companies with brand creation and marketing, from handcrafted logos to complex digital platforms. Advertising, branding, video marketing, social media campaigns, and UI/UX development are just a few of the services they provide.
They work with companies to establish, design and implement compelling brand strategies. Daily, their team of professionals strives for the originality and creativity of new brand promotion concepts; this is their ‘mantra’ of success. Every day is a new day for them, and every day is a new day for their modus operandi: better, newer, captive, and innovative.
On September 25, 2015, Team SKEPPER received one gold and one bronze at the Big Bang Awards 2015, hosted by Ad Club of Bangalore in collaboration with Bangalore Mirror. This isn’t the conclusion of the narrative. At the Big Bang Awards 2018, they received a silver medal for SR Seating.
4. Ad Marketings
They are a fiercely independent group of innovative thinkers who are willing to test the limits of conventional thought and any tentacle of the world’s grotesquely swollen octopus, enabling talented creatives, a plethora of material, and a willingness to innovate for digitalized communications to perfect human relationships.
They develop stories to grab attention, shift minds, and change the game for brands, campaigns, and personalities by distributing an integrated strategy.
They believe in a performance-driven strategy that produces exceptional consequences is why they make no apologies for emphasizing the importance of data-driven design.
Their strategy is backed by a liberal dose of creative energy, coupled with customized, innovation-oriented arrangements.
We work like hellhounds. Furthermore, we create work that ignites passion. The objective is the same no matter where they travel or who they deal with: connect with innovativeness and creativity to produce results.
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3AW is a 360o communication firm that caters to its customers’ demands by providing comprehensive communication, advertising, and marketing services.
3AW provides over 15 communication, marketing, and advertising services organized globally but carried out locally to meet the demands of every area and the target audience.
Because every brand is different, their customers have a specific purpose in mind. 3AW has created 360-degree communication plans that include creative and production and tactics tailored to each client’s demands. They establish strategies in the Media Planning section covering all of the media recognized as the most successful in achieving this aim. The market is investigated, and the most viable option is recommended.
They are in response to the current changing and competitive climate, which necessitates inventiveness in their short-term plans, medium, and long-term goals. Our specialization and close contact with clients may solidify the results of operations that identify the consumer with the company. The ability to establish long-term consumer relationships isn’t the only aspect that defines market success. Companies must turn their target demographic into brand champions, prescribers, and sellers, not just loyal customers.
Every company has a unique storey to tell. To communicate this, a press office capable of creating news is necessary. They collect accurate data at 3AW with developing your brand and image in the mainstream media. They are a department with a continuous work ethic that creates a beautiful presentation for your company in the press through interaction, calls, notes, and press conferences. They work hard to ensure that their brand or service gets the most exposure and adds value.
Every action done by the company is through monitoring, evaluating, executing, and disseminating 3AW, resulting in a positive image of the company that helps to improve its internet image. Their dedication is unquestionable. We strive to deliver the best possible service while maintaining a laser-like concentration on their goals. Their main goal is to get many people to visit our customers’ websites to get a lot of conversions. Their aim is to get a lot of people to visit our clients’ sites and they are a creative, enthusiastic organization with a lot of information to achieve this. They achieve this by listening to and before knowing clientele developing, implementing, and tracking a digital strategy.
One must remember that the internet is much more than a technology; it is a tool for communication, engagement, and a social hierarchy bringing all closer together, informing and opening potentially unthinkable heights avenues and opportunities.
They handle graphic and audiovisual communication from 3AW’s creative department, thoroughly analyzing each customer to produce a great product. A brand’s image is one of its most crucial factors. When properly implemented, it improves the company’s performance and increases the acceptability of its goods and services.
6. Techcronus Business Solutions 
Since 2010, Techcronus has been a full-service digital agency assisting businesses with creative online and mobile solutions. Starbucks, Unilever, IKEA, and Fererro are among the companies that entrust us with their development needs.
They have completed over 500 projects in the Retail/eCommerce, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Travel, Sports & Gaming, Finance, and Education sectors.
The following are some of their business services:
Their technological know-how includes:
7.Skimbox Digital Marketing Company
skimbox digital marketing company koramangala bangalore digital marketing services
In India, SKIMBOX is a leading digital marketing firm. A group of dedicated and results-driven digital marketers with unique talents puts ideas into action and delivers your business the attention it deserves. Happn Apps, AVG Antivirus, and more companies are some of their clientele. They don’t aspire to perform fantastic work; they already do it.
Their web presence is considerable, SEO and mobile knowledge can help you and your business prosper quickly and leave the competition. Because they make your goods and services beneficial, they work on your behalf in the digital realm so that you get attention and your consumers become your fans.
Because they are a start-up and work with various enterprises seeking to fill the gap, they are innovative with a dash of street bright attitude.
Techcronus Business Solutions Since 2010, Techcronus has been a full-service digital agency that can help businesses with creative online and mobile solutions. Starbucks, Unilever, IKEA, and Fererro, are some companies that entrust them with their development needs.
They’ve completed over 500 projects in the Retail/eCommerce, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Travel, Sports & Gaming, Finance, and Education sectors.
The following are some of their business services:
Their technological know-how includes:
8.Matrix Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Matrix Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001:2015 recognized) is a 17-year-old leading Digital Agency specializing in Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Application Development (CMS, CRM, E-Commerce Solutions, Informative Websites), and Integrated Digital Marketing. They’ve started working on IoT and AI-based apps like chatbots and forecasting tools. They provide technical consulting and white-label offshore services on the most recent technologies and frameworks and flexible and dedicated employment options. As their trained in-house staff aim to give 100 per cent customer satisfaction services, their primary focus is on the needs of clients.
      9. iris worldwide
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The Global Creative Innovation Network –, and they’d like to introduce ourselves. A digital store, a content publisher, a social engagement firm, a public relations firm, and a retail marketer are others. They refer to themselves as the iris. All of those above are bundled into a single, well-organized, networked firm. They combine their customers’ strategic, creative, technological, and production talents to help them win in today’s networked market. Consider it an agency with no limits, no frontiers, and barriers.
They create Participation Brands for their clients. You’re a shopper. So consider it for a moment. Which brand would you instead be associated with: one that spends its marketing dollars on cheesy jingles or one that spends its money on fancy corporate selfies?
Or a brand that goes above and beyond to achieve amazing things for you and with you? That’s precisely what they believe as well. It’s for this reason why they create Participation Brands. Brands are redefining how customers participate in a variety of industries. Brands that positively contribute to culture. And brands that are developed in collaboration with people rather than only for them. And it’s why, today, many of the world’s most recognizable and courageous brands collaborate and develop with us all around the globe.
10. Auxesis Infotech Pvt Ltd
Auxesis Infotech is an internet design and development business based in New Delhi, India, London, United Kingdom, Texas, United States. For years, they’ve served clients in various sectors, including mobile apps, web design, and development. They have a young, passionate, and close-knit team of experts in the latest trends and technologies in their many creative disciplines to give you the best digital solutions. They differ from other web development companies in that they provide a one-stop-shop for all of your online-related needs.
They’ve got you covered for all budget website design services, whether you want to construct a bespoke website, go with CMS development, or take your business online with e-Commerce website creation.
That’s not all; there’s more! Their primary development skill is not limited to websites as a highly-recommended digital agency. Their mobile app development services deliver a lot more than just a clean and error-free programme. As part of the package, you’ll get free updates, complete transparency, strategic counsel, and coaching.
As a well-known mobile and website development business, in addition to mobile and website development, they also offer digital marketing, UI/UX design, and blockchain development services. Furthermore, motion graphics design is part of their core creative skills, which they give clients looking for better results. Auxesis Infotech is a web design firm that has built a reputation for creating innovative and original digital solutions for organizations of all types, be it tiny or enormous, medium, or significant.
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