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Bulk texting, also known as mass text messaging, is a popular communication service that is used by businesses across the world for the purpose of marketing and promotion. It is an effective and cost-efficient service that sends a single text message to thousands of subscribers all at once. It is also used for group messaging and comes across as a very impactful communication tool for companies. It saves them a lot of time and effort while also offering a complete analysis of the results achieved through texting.
Easy to track and manage, bulk texting continues to grow stronger in all parts of the world. So here are the top 5 bulk texting services that promise to shine brighter in the ongoing year.
1. JookSMS

JookSMS was founded in the year 2015 with the motive of providing a reliable and efficient bulk SMS service to companies. Currently headquartered in Royersford, Pennsylvania, it has been growing popular at a rapid pace over the years and is now counted among the most reputed mass SMS service providers.
The team at JookSMS believes in formulating solutions that are easy to use and in tune with the evolving communication needs of the businesses. This is the reason it has gained so much traction among users at your discretion. Today, it commands a large user base across the globe, and its client base include names such as, HR Wager, RDG Corp., Karen Real Estate, and many more. It is a well-known mass messaging service that offers convenience and flexibility of the highest order. It lets the user scale their messaging campaign and also offers sufficient scope to customize their campaign as per the needs of the business.
One can send SMS to unlimited number of subscribers using JookSMS, as there is no limit on the same. It also offers the facility to compose and schedule a SMS campaign in advance, which helps save time and ensures wider outreach and impact.
Aside from the primary service of bulk texting, JookSMS also offers data collection service. The SMS data can be captured in a meaningful manner and used to strengthen the digital marketing campaign. It lets one track messages that are read or unread, gather inputs for ROI calculations, and ask for feedback.
JookSMS services are available to run surveys on customers and question them as well. All of it helps to gather more customer data and increase customer engagement, which ultimately drives more traffic to the website of the company. Being adaptable, the SMS service is easy to integrate with one’s own application and syncs in without any fuss. In fact, it can be easily integrated with third-party apps and used to measure one’s performance against popular apps.
JookSMS offers API and also provides a global messaging network that can be used to gain access to the usage of app against social media and online banking services. It is responsive, and thus, whether one uses mobile or tablet or computer, one can be sure of the service working to its optimum capacity. Its powerful backend works like a tracker, letting the user keep an eye on the team and monitor their activities in real time. Despite being so widespread and dynamic, it is totally secure, and there is no space for any breach of privacy or threat to data. The user data is protected 24/7 because the SMS service is secured by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, which is known to be robust and widely used.
Widespread usage makes it one of the commonest security measures, and it is compatible with almost all modern mobile handsets. SSL security also works in favor of users having large teams. Best for every type of business, it is, in every way, the bulk SMS solution that companies need in the current times to engage customers. So if one wants to leverage the power of SMS for the benefit of their business through a smart, secure and simple bulk SMS service solution, one can put their money on JookSMS.
The service provider offers four subscription plans to avail the service, namely, prepaid (no cost), basic, gold, and platinum. In fact, there is a custom package too that lets one enjoy services tailored to one’s unique needs. The free trial offer is valid for 30 days, which lets one use the service with all its features and get a good look at what lies inside.
2. EZ Texting
EZ Texting was founded in 2006, and today, it stands at the forefront of global bulk SMS texting service providers. More than 50,000 businesses use it to power their SMS communication and marketing, and they include small, medium, and big enterprises. Vivint, PureAir, PrepHoops, Lykins, MFitness, YWCA, Schewels, GCI, and the like rely on it for mass texting. It has started a sort of revolution in customer communication via SMS, as it offers a slew of smart features that are tailored to take the task head-on and deliver results in record time. It makes SMS communication a cakewalk. It offers sign-up forms for website and social media to gain new subscribers. One can also set up text forwarding, recurring messages, drip campaigns, and more without any problem.
With EZ Texting, one can send messages in just three steps and store all the contacts in one place. One can also monitor the progress of the campaign on a simple-to-use dashboard. Being responsive, the SMS service offers 24/7 access from any device anytime. It is competent, efficient, and affordable. One can use the free trial to get a look at the performance.
3. Text Marks
Founded in 2006, Text Marks is one of the leading mass text messaging service providers in the world. With over 10 million users and an impressive client list containing names such as Microsoft, Dollywood, Medtronic, FedEx, Supercuts, Jackson State University, Smart, and more, it offers a superb bulk SMS solution to all types of companies operating in any sector. The service comes packed with features that let one send texts to thousands of customers at once. It helps to attract, engage, and retain the customers through custom SMS marketing. It facilitates instant response to texts with links or info. One can easily build database of leads and contacts for further usage with the help of the service. It loads on all screen sizes and offers enough space to customize the campaigns as per one’s special needs.
Text Marks is a strong yet simple messaging platform that ensure security at all stages of usage and lends wings to the SMS marketing and promotion campaigns like no other service. It facilitates round-the-clock supervision and smooth collaboration in the marketing team. With it, one can be sure of 24/7 support from experts. So if one wants an affordable solution that would prove to be value for money, then Text Marks is the right choice.
4. Trumpia
Founded in 2006, Trumpia is a well-known marketing automation company that offers one of the most efficient mass texting services to users across the globe. Trusted by the A-lister as well as the anonymous, it is a smart and robust solution that carries the most sophisticated set of features to run the texting campaign. They include mass texting, two-way texting, mobile keywords, text-to-vote, appointment reminders, pictures, and videos. It helps to send the most relevant texts based upon subscriber analysis. It also automates the SMS sending process as well as the reply procedure. What is more, one can choose from a wide range of numbers and pick what suits one best. It integrates the different communication channels, i.e., email, social media, MMS, and voice, at one platform, thereby ensuring 100 percent outreach to the customers.
Since it is customizable, it integrates with the existing system and provides foolproof security every second. Designed to deliver, Trumpia is truly a recipe for triumph that helps one win customers in an effortless manner. So if one wants a simple mass text messaging service that will get one going in one go, then Trumpia is a must-check. One can try the free demo as trial and get a complete preview.
5. Red Oxygen
Founded in 2001, Red Oxygen is a reputed SMS service provider that caters to the big names such as Yamaha, Mercedes, Siemens, Panasonic, and more. A complete package, it makes SMS sending a cakewalk, and one can reach out to customers through custom texts on all types of handsets and messaging apps. It lets one import contacts from spreadsheet (Excel, OpenOffice, etc.), use custom templates to frame texts, and then send the same to millions from the laptop. What is more, one receives the response of the texts on the email. One can schedule SMS sending too for future dates and generate reports on the performance of the campaign to frame the next strategy. It is also super convenient to keep track of the campaign in real time, for one can access the dashboard anytime anywhere.
Simple to work with, Red Oxygen support team is available at one’s beck and call. User-friendly, cost-effective, and customer-oriented, it is the solution that will help one capitalize on the power of SMS communication to the fullest. So if one is searching for a new-age, nifty solution, then one must give Red Oxygen a try. The free 15-day trial offers enough scope to check out the efficiency of the service.
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