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The aim of the redesign was for the brand to truly stand out alongside other leading motorsport sites, including Formula One and Formula E. Organic’s objective was to build a digital experience to engage their current W Series fans, whilst also appealing to a wider audience to draw in more followers.
Organic was tasked with making heroes of the drivers, adding content to improve engagement, and ‘sell’ the purpose of the brand in a more compelling way. Functionally, this required a more intuitive navigation and discovery experience than their previous site.
As W Series is continually growing and expanding, the digital experience was designed to express this feeling of openness and expansion, with added visual flair to reflect the championship’s ‘disruptor ethos.’ Data-led research revealed that users want to know when races are taking place and how they can watch and that fans often used mobile devices as second screens during race weekends.
These insights led to site structure, navigation, and page designs that made information easily accessible. To accommodate mobile more effectively, designs ensured users could have a quick overview of page content, with fast and simple exploration of further content on the site.
Organic used specific areas of the website to champion the drivers, including a new mega menu integrated on the desktop experience, and more prominent modules. The current season drivers are all visible from the mega menu and have their own profiles. There is also a ‘featured driver’ module on the homepage.
The ‘About’ section of the website was also revamped with an interactive timeline experience to highlight key moments and engage fans.
More complex elements to the site meant Organic had to create a design system that catered for all the requirements including countdown timers and banners that can update during different stages of a race weekend. The design system needed to house reusable modules, allowing for a consistent user experience. To do so, Organic created a UI toolkit (UI pattern library and UI module library) which consisted of button and form interactions, typographical stylings, colour approach and responsive grid system.
For the site launch, the agency also implemented new infrastructure to allow the site to serve W Series users globally while also reducing cost, energy requirements, and carbon emissions.
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