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Best bulk SMS provider in Kenya

We provide bulk SMS service in Kenya and also offer SMS gateway for other operators in Africa. Our SMS gateway can be used to send single or bulk SMS to any country in the world and you pay only per SMS sent via our system.As a bulk SMS provider in Kenya and we understand that the easiest way to market your product and services online is through text messages. Our bulk SMS service in Kenya has been designed with this knowledge in mind and we ensure that you get the results you want from our bulk SMS service in Kenya.

  • No minimum sms Volume
  • No minimum SMS expiry
  • Sender ID Registration (One-time payment per network – Max Of 11 Alpha-Numeric)

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Bulk SMS System features in Kenya

Reliable Bulk SMS Messaging

Full-feature bulk SMS

Our advanced technology also offers advanced features such as scheduling, delivery reports and recipient personalization; all of which are designed to make BILTMAP LIMITED  the premier and most comprehensive bulk SMS solutions provider.

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Reliable Bulk SMS Messaging

Comprehensive bulk SMS solutions provider

BILTMAP Bulk SMS is a user friendly, easy to use tool that delivers your message or content to thousands of recipients across all major telecom networks. Bulk SMS technology operates 24/7 delivering your messages to all your channel partners across the globe every minute of the day.

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SMS marketing

Easy to use Bulk SMS solution

Easy to use, Bulk SMS is an ideal communication solution for businesses. The application allows users to send short messages via their mobile phones, with messages sent in real-time, and detailed server-based reporting.

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